Lecturers & Students Exchange to KUIS Malaysia

This year STIE Ekuitas sends 5 lecturers and 20 students to Kolej University Isalam Antarabangsa Selangor (KUIS) Malaysia from 11-23 February 2019. This program is one of international program since 2015. Students STIE Ekuitas will joint some course in field islamic economy, islamic banking, E-business, human resources management, communication skill etc. The are also joint some student activity and cultural activity in Malaysia. They will go to chocolate company, leadership fondation etc to company visit.

Lecturer STIE Ekuitas will deliver course in KUIS:

Society 5.0 : Oppotunities or Challenges – Dr. Rer.nat. Martha Fani Cahyandito, SE, M.Sc., CSP

Digital Marketing – Dr. Ir. Dani Dagustani, MM

Standar Accounting in Indonesia – Ade Imam Muslim, S.Pd., S.Akt., M.Ak

Indonesian Economics – Yuyus Yudistria, SE, ME

Islamic Banking in Indonesia – Ahmad Hidayat, SS., MA

Opening ceremony of Student & Lecturer Exchange in KUIS on 12 February 2019 by Rector KUIS , Prof Dr. Dato AB Halim Tamuri .


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